Anuk Black vegan loafer chunky sole

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Nae Anuk Black, the chunky sole loafers with a center saddle and a metallic ornament. Made of vegan leather, a sustainable, innovative, water resistant, light, durable and cruelty-free material.

  • The shoes are 100% vegan. Ethically made in Portugal
  • Certified by Peta Approved Vegan

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Anuk Black vegan loafer chunky sole

  • These smart and flirtatious loafers are very easy wear.
  • They have an indented rubber sole and a welt stitching for a casual look and reinforcement.
  • They have a detail at the center saddle that is D shaped metallic ornament that joins at the center by a small circle.

  • Free from dangerous environmental toxins. They are hypoallergenic , breathable (to prevent suffocation and excessive foot sweating) and antibacterial (which helps to prevent the development of odours).
  • They also have an EVA padded footbed that along with the lining atributes makes them very flexible and helps prevent blisters.
  • They are modern, innovative and the perfect balance between luxury and sofistication.
  • They can be worn both indoors and outdoors.
  • Wear the perfect match between fashion and comfort.

PETA Approved Vegan

Nae shoes are certified by the international organization PETA as Approved Vegan. The shoes are free from materials and substances of animal origin. They do not contain skin, fats, adhesives or pigments from animals.

How to take care of shoes with Ecological Microfibre

For microfiber products, we recommend a damp cloth and a neutral soap, in cases of extreme dirty. You can use polish cream.

MaterialzusammensetzungWasserdichte ökologische Mikrofaser
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