WILL'S Casual Derbys Tan


WILL'S Casual Derbys, the perfect crossover shoe standing between smart and casual with three fun color combinations on a classic derby silhouette.

  • The shoes are 100% vegan, ethically produced in Portugal.
  • The product is certified by the Vegan Society

Made of Italian vegan leather: including 69% bio product

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569,00 zł

1 kg

Will's Vegan Casual Derbys

  • The slim, grippy and durable outsoles are made from TR with recycled content. They’re practical and flexible to walk on, making these a great shoe to wear day and night out and about.
  • The uppers are created with Italian vegan leather made with 69% biobased content.
  • There are two types of vegan suede lining the inside. This helps air circulate helping to keep your feet cool and provides another layer of comfort for your feet.
  • The backs are cushioned and lined with vegan suede to help with fit and ankle comfort.
  • They have stitching details throughout, colour matched eyelets and light wood effect heels made from compressed cardboard.
  • Deep and squishy recycled insoles.
  • Strong laces made from recycled polyester with metal lace tips.
  • Finished with a WVS emboss on the tongue and outsole.

Size chart

  • Width: regular
  • Sizing: Order your usual size. If you are a half size order up

Animal and human friendly shoes with high-street styles

Will’s Vegan Shoes is about getting the latest fashions out there at a fair prices, while not hurting animals or people in the process 

The entire range is free of animal products while workers protected by European employment and safety law.

Carbon Neutral

  • Ethically made in Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law
  • Presented in sustainable non treated paper and cardboard packaging
  • Delivered to you through our eco friendly plastic free carbon neutral supply chain

Vegan Sociaty

Boots are certified by international organization Vegan Society. 
The shoes are free from animal based ingredients. Will's not include: leather, fats, glues and pigments origin from animals.

Product Care

Will's usees high quality vegan leathers and suedes to make footwear, you will find your purchase requires little attention to keep looking as good as new.

Will's footwear does not spoil or stain when it gets wet. In-fact it performs really well in wet and muddy conditions. Unlike leather or suede our materials do not spoil or mark even when in contact with road salt and snow slush in winter conditions.

Will's footwear is easy to clean. Here are some general cleaning instructions:

  • Vegan leather uppers Wipe down with warm water with a mild soap solution and a cloth or brush. To dry pad down with paper towels or a towel. Do not place too close to direct heat sources as this can damage the material. Polish can be used to bring out a shine and return colour. Any synthetic product should work just fine, apply as described in the instructions. It is recommended you test an inconspicuous area first.
  • Vegan suede uppers Wait until dry then brush with a suede brush or something similar. For more extreme cases you can wipe down with warm water with a mild soap solution and a cloth or brush. To dry pad down with paper towels or a towel. Do not place too close to direct heat sources as this can damage the material. You should not expect water marks as the material does not mark or stain like conventional suede when it gets wet.
  • Please do not apply waterproof or other protective treatments. This is because these treatments are not necessary and can mark and damage the materials. These treatments are not meant for vegan leather, they do not react well when applied and they do not react well when applied.
Materialzusammensetzungvegan leather produced from bio oil
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