KU SLOGAN ORGANICA ökologische Herrenjeans 33/34" & 36/34". Bio-Baumwoll

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Unique regular jeans. This is the first in Poland, which is 100% GOTS products (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Buying Organica pants, you transfer 20 pln to feed 10 dogs from the Korabiewice Animal Sanctuary, run by the VIVA Foundation, an international animal movement.

  • Organic cotton GOTS 99%, Spandex 1%

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Men's regular fit trousers made of the highest quality organic cotton fiber. Vegan, that is without animal ingredients, PETA Approved Vegan certification.

How can you help The Sanctuary in Korabiewice? From each sold pair of trousers, the sanctuary receives 20 pln. When buying Organica jeans, you provide daily meals for 10 dogs. Ready to help?

Organica - jeans 100% GOTS Product

  • no child worked on the collection and processing of cotton
  • no child worked to sew these trousers
  • YKK zipper
  • two pockets on the front
  • two pockets on the back

Main fabric and pocket sacks: organic cotton GOTS

The GOTS standard audit covers the process from cultivation of non-genetically modified cotton (hence the organic or eco name), through harvesting, processing into yarn, weaving, and the process of dyeing the material.

This means that during this process only authorized support substances were used to obtain environmental benefits as large as possible.

  • fabric free from pesticides 
  • the material processing process is free of toxic chemistry
  • non-toxic and biodegradable additives (eg dyes)
  • cotton fabric free of toxic heavy metals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Another breakthrough in the history of the SLOGAN brand is the manufacture where the trousers have been sewn. For the first time, we sew them in a manufactured that operates based on GOTS standards.

What does it mean?

  • manufacture fulfill social criteria based on key standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • manufacture where the jeans have been sewn out determines and applies its own environmental policy, aimed at minimizing waste from production
  • manufacture conducts sustainable sewage management. It has a closed water circuit, which uses water in the most economical way.
  • manufacture runs sustainable waste management which aim is to minimize them

Trouser accessories made by production companies in accordance with the GOTS standard

  • inside logo label made with GOTS organic cotton
  • buttons, rivets with GOTS standard, heavy metal-free zipper

FCS certificate (Forest Stewardship Council)

In the case of new jeans from the SLOGAN brand, the cardboard for hangers is made of materials from sustainable forest plantations certified by FCS (Forest Stewardship Council). This certificate provides:

  • transparent wood origin chain
  • protection of forests
  • durability of forest maintenance
  • sustainable sourcing of forest resources that will ensure the continuity of animals and plants living there
  • increasing forest resources that can not be at the expense of protected and natural forests
  • the right to use forest resources by local communities

Dimensions of trousers cm.


Waist width

Hip width

Thigh width

Inner leg length


leaf_a.png Product certified as PETA approved vegan

SLOGAN brand is certified as approved vegan. This means that no materials and additives derived from animals are used to produce Slogan clothes. Each product is vegan and produces cruelty free.

leaf_a.png SLOGAN is a partner of the Fur Free Retailers (FFR) campaign.

As the first clothing brand in 2014, Slogan joins the international FFR campaign in Poland organized by the "Open Cage" Association. This campaign promotes brands that do not use natural fur and fur accessories in their collections.

MaterialzusammensetzungOrganic cotton GOTS 99%. Elastan1%. Weight 9,5 oz
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