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Women's dress made of organic cotton certified by The Organic Content Standard and certified production process Fair Wear Foundation.

  • 85% organic cotton Content Standard, 15% polyester

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Women's dress with raglan sleeves in loose cut. Contoured neckline and sleeves finished with inside fabric. Bottom of the dress finished with a flatlock seam, without curling. 

Dress made of soft and pleasant French Terry fabric. Organic cotton fibre is  highest quality. It's vegan without animal ingredients, certified PETA Approved Vegan.

The cotton fiber used is organic (eco) fiber, its cultivation is carried out without the use of chemical plant protection agents and fertilizers, as evidenced by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certificates.

This ensures that the product is completely safe for both the consumer and the farmer and their families living in the area.
Whole production is strictly prohibited for pesticides and defoliants that can seriously harm the health of farmers and their families.
Be concius.

  • 100% certified organic cotton certified GOTS
  • certified production process certified Fair Wear Foundation
  • suitable for vegans and wegatarian (vegan)
  • sweatshop free
  • ecological product
  • produced in Bangladesh

Dress dimensions

Size 1/2 Chest width cmFront length cmSleeve lenth cm

SLOGAN BRAND - The Fur Free Retailers (FFR) partner 

As the first clothing brand in 2014, Slogan joins the international FFR campaign in Poland organized by the "Open Cage" Association. This campaign promotes brands that do not use natural fur and fur accessories in their collections.


The Organic Content Standard 100 (OCS) is the leading certification body. OCS allows for a transparent, consistent and comprehensive assessment and verification of statements on the content of organic ingredients in textiles products. OCS 100 includes the processing, production, packaging, labeling, trade and distribution of a product containing at least 95% certified organic  fiber.


Fair Wear Foundation is an international verification initiative for monitoring the processes of production of clothes and other sewn products. It is an answer for unfair labour conditions, common in the clothing industry. To eliminate them effectively, a transparent production chain is essential, that is way companies belonging to the Fair Wear Foundation have to meet rigorous criteria and to implement a common managing system, including:
gathering and keeping data about contractors securing complaint procedures for workers, their representatives, or third parties auditing of industrial plants by teams trained by the Foundation and implementation of corrective actions personnel training public reporting, etc.

The Foundation’s policy assumes that changes aimed at the real improvement of labour conditions condition are unrealizable without the involvement of local entrepreneurs. That is why it emphasizes the co-operation between plant inspectors, employers' associations, trade unions, and NGOs. All this in order to jointly guarantee access to information, monitor working conditions, draw up adequate corrective actions plans, and to train workers in the field of their rights.


MaterialzusammensetzungBio Baumwolle 85%, Polyester 15%, Gewicht 300 g/m2

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